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Well here's how everything is going *pc

55g Cichlid/Pleco

First off, is the 55 CA/SA cichlids/pleco tank.

It currently houses
x1 Mayan Cichlid- 10'' (rescue)
x1 Red Devil- 4''
x1 Convict- 5''
x1 Marbled Sailfin Plec- 9''
x1 Common plec- 10''

If you've been following my tanks you'll notice I lost my Jack Dempsey, and Jag which previously had been in that tank *frown

The jag (4'') was getting beat up by the mayan, and was moved to a hospital tank, was making a great recovery, and then all of a sudden died a few days later due to completely unknown reasons. The Jack dempsey (8'') died sometime while I was on vacation to St. Louis. I am unsure of the cause of his death, I was gone 3 days and he looked too far gone *frown The tank clouded up quite a bit too, but I got that all fixed with some very large water changes.

Anyways, here is a pic.

Mayan (was brought into the lfs as a trade-in and had some very bad HITH, it's cleared up a bit but not completely)



72g Salty

My salty setup, was gotten from a relative who no longer wanted it, for 100% FREE :) I recieved last year but unfortunately I've been a little busy and really haven't gotten to doing much with it.

Currently, it houses
x1 Humbug damsel- 3''
x1 Bicolor basslet- 2''

As you can see, nothing fancy, really, it's verrryy understocked. The two fish in there, I honestly don't care too greatly about, I would remove them, but removing all the live rock is waaaayy too much of a hassle for me (they are proving verrryy dificult to catch otherwise), considering that these two fish are not really worth much. If anyone has a suggestion for what I should do with this tank, i would appreciate it. There's a dragon wrasse at my lfs that I got my eyes on, unless someone has a better idea :)


As you can see I have some algae to scrub, also you'll notice my aquarium light, laying on the floor with wires strewn everywhere. Unfortunately, one of the lights isn't working, so I'm currently trying my best to fix it, I really don't have the money right now to buy a brand new one.

75g Pacu Tank

This tank is doing good, the pacu are quickly out-growing it and I have a 120 on the way, at least until the outgrow that *r2

It houses
x3 Pacu



This one has just finished cycling, and is currently empty. I don't have a pic of it, well, actually it's the tank just to left of the pacu tank, if you can see from the pic above.

Any ideas what to put in?

29g oscar tank

I just recently set this one up, it houses:

x2 oscars
x1 cuban cichlid


.... and that's it! hope you enjoyed :)
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