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At we are known for offering the best pond liners (HDRPE)
Among the advantages of HDRPE is a polymer that is characterized by

  • Excellent thermal and chemical resistance.
  • Very good impact resistance.
  • It is solid, colorless, translucent, almost opaque.
  • Very good processability, that is, it can be processed by the shaping methods used for thermoplastics, such as injection and extrusion.
  • It is stiffer than low-density polyethylene.
  • It is easy to print, paint or stick on it.
  • It's very light.
  • It is not attacked by acids, it is considered a maximum working resistance of 60 ° C for liquids.
  • They offer better resistance to higher temperatures.
  • It is much better for mechanical and thermal recycling.
Water reservoirs
Recreational Pools
Terraces and Covers
Security cells
Fish farming pond
Drinking Water Tanks
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