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Adding new fish

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Heya gang,
I think I know this answer but had to check in with my homies.
Obviously I wouldn't add like 30 fish at once but I am wondering about spacing out the new guys.
I just added the 3 Dwarf Gourami's and my thinking is that I should add my Harlequin Rasbora's sooner than later.
It would give the little blue girls almost a month to settle in.
Do we think that is to soon?
Water tests are all good and my thinking was that adding them that way doesn't give my new blue girls time to think the tank is all theirs.
They are getting along great with the Cory's albeit they are TOTAL PIGS and I'm already thinking of ways to keep them from stealing all the Cory's food.
Plan is to add 12 Harlequin Rasbora's and that's probably it for the tank.
I might be highly excited, it's really nice having more activity in the 29
:cool:馃 giddy yup
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Hi GG,
dont wait too long to add the Harlequins...add them sooner rather than later.
Your right, too long and the girls will think the tank is theirs.
My P. Smurf is a total pig too but dont worry, the Harlequins will soon work out that "speed" is their friend at feeding time.
Believe me, they will out-do the Gouramis hands down when they work it out.
My Neons had it all over P.Smurf to the point where he'd start darting at them through sheer frustration of not being able to get the food before it dissapeared lol.
The activity is mesmerizing o_O and the Harlequins will certainly deliver that.
To be honest GG, id be introducing the Harlequins, your water's good so yeah, i say go for it!
I love the excitement of getting new fish, its so much fun.
Sweet. That was my thought to. I'll be getting them next week.
I'm stoked and may have a way to distract my little piggies.
I bought one of those hanging feeder cups way back and I may deploy it.
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