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I want to add a few cories, but I don't know if I'm overstocked. I have a 55 gallon aquarium with:

3 mollies
1 platy
5 bloodfin tetras
3 guppies
6 black skirts
1 rubber lipped pleco
2 gold barbs
4 harlequin rasboras I think (I put in six yesterday but can only count four- I think two may not have survived- maybe I did not acclimate them long enough?
3 cories

I want to add more cories. Maybe three more. I'd kind of like to add another couple of platys (I think a red wag would look nice) I don't intend to be actively saving any fry in the tank, but there are a lot of hiding places so a few may make it (I'm hoping, though I have not left a whole lot of room)

So my question is- cories? And the red wag? I was going to get more gold barbs but the lfs didn't have any-will just two be ok? Are 4 rasboras ok?

I am running two AquaClear 70 filters.
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