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Hi forum folk.

The society’s name is actually-The Aquarium and Terrarium Society of Queensland

We are a very old club, first established in 1920s though over the last 10 to 12 years we have depleted greatly in drive and numbers as a result of not initially taking on the internet to remain a part of the changing ways in which clubs function these days.

We have something we do very well as a result of many years of experience and that is snorkelling trips for mainly marine aquarium life for our hobbies, though we do have a few freshwater trips as well.

The value of seeing and interacting with our marine creatures is invaluable to the hobby and also enables us to remain aware of the constant stresses on our local ocean and its estuaries in the global climate changes these days.

As a club we have around three trips a year and the members have roughly two trips per month.

Sometimes there are three, sometimes there are ten members on there trips.

Normally we go snorkelling as that is the only way in Queensland we can legally collect for our hobby and on some of the trips a member or two will have a spear fish and others will have a look around on scuba, but cannot collect.

We do shore free dives and boat free dives when we snorkel for our hobby species, from October to May, depending on the oceans temps at the time and they are changing a great deal.

Through the cooler months the low tides are quite low because of the warmer month’s sun position so we do low tide trips to rock pools or mud flats incorporating picnics as such.

So far this season we have had, as a club, two trips and the member’s trips add up to around eleven so far.

In the distant past there were quite a lot of boat owners in the marine group branch of the society, so they mainly went on trips to places like flinders reef and old woman island,both,in there day, magnificent dive and snorkel sites and offered very similar forms of life as the barrier reef.

The photos that follow are just a few of what we do as we only started taking photos nearly three years ago and basic videos the start of this year.

What we have already experienced before this time is truly amazing and it is a shame there are no photos of the things we saw and experienced back than.

We have a ball on our trips so we hope you enjoy the small part of it that we are placing here.

Places we go to-

Things we see-

Our favourite rock pool-

Collected species-

Links to some of our videos-

Underwater videos :: spotted ray video by aandtsociety - Photobucket
Underwater videos :: Solenostomus paradoxus/Harlequin ghost pipe fish( video by aandtsociety - Photobucket
Underwater videos :: Chelmon rostratus/copperband( video by aandtsociety - Photobucket
Underwater videos :: Lysiosquillina maculata-female mantis shrimp-swimming ( video by aandtsociety - Photobucket
Underwater videos :: Ostracion cubicus linnaeus/dice box fish( video by aandtsociety - Photobucket
Underwater videos :: Pomacanthus semicirculatus-juvenile-meduim( video by aandtsociety - Photobucket
Underwater videos :: pterois volitans-juvenile( video by aandtsociety - Photobucket
Underwater videos :: Sabellastarte-White tube worm-feather duster( video by aandtsociety - Photobucket
Underwater videos :: stenopus hispidus-pair( video by aandtsociety - Photobucket
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