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Another great trip.

The weather wasn’t the best, there were a few showers, but there was some shelter and when it stoped, it was great.
Feeder shrimp, peppermint shrimp, seahorses, little ocys, crayfish and a small Chelmon, I won’t put the Chelmon pic on as we see heaps of them and I forget what else was gotten as these are the only pics I have to use.

No one wanted any seahorses at the moment so none of them were taken, only one pipe fish was wanted and this is the first time for ages a little ocy was kept, they are normally a pain as they escape easily, so they are always left behind, the area it was put in, there is no escape and it can be fed and looked after easily.

Lots of peppermint shrimp around as there has always been here since the first time I came to this spot in the late 70s with my brother.

The life forms are a little greater in numbers than over the past 6 or 8 years as the water the last two seasons did not get very cold so there is a bumper year out there for all life forms except the corals, they did very badly and the algae did very well, but that is always the way, when the algae blooms the corals go down, shame, it has been like that for three years now and the coral numbers a diminishing.

The crabs, lobsters, prawns and eating fish are doing so well these days; in some areas you can hardly see the bottom of the ocean!

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