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This day mark from the club wanted to get four thousand litres of water for his massive systems as a water change.

Some of the members tagged along to help a little and collect while there and this was the day.

There were one or two sharks that were a bit of a hassle,but it was okay this time.

Upon arriving there got, Mark threw the end of the hose for the pump into the water and a 5 or 6 foot wobby darted up from the deeper water straight at it, lucky no one was there at the time, or it may have been interesting.

When they got into the water it was a problem and wouldn’t leave them alone, which was good as they went else where and found some nice tank species.

The water was quite cold and a little green, so it wasn’t the best of conditions, but still fun.

Mark said he spent an hour and a half pumping all that water up to the truck, so he didn’t get in until right on high tide, they were already shivering by then.
It was so cold by near the end; it was hard to keep the camera still,lol!

Some nice little green coral gobies, yellow assessors and heaps of dragonets were seen, all in two to four foot of water, easy as.

It was great as usual, eat some lunch than get in,get out have a hot drink, get back in, another great day, just a bit cool in the water.

This is the truck all went over in which is Mark's from betta car hire at cleveland,they hire out most vehicles and trailers.

Geez did it fit a lot of gear in.

As you can see it was very rough that day,lol!!!

Another pic of how bad the day was,lol.

These are some of the species seen.

One of quite a few of these that were seen there,this ones for nick.

Always one or two copper bands out there.

Love the dragon nets,it's basicly a mandarin fish variation,in a matured tank,easy to keep and feed.

The end of a top day once again.

Videos of the day.
The water we went in.
Underwater videos :: June 14.water veiw video by aandtsociety - Photobucket

A butterfly and a dragonet seen.
Underwater videos :: June 14.Coradion chrysozonus.fake batfish video by aandtsociety - Photobucket
Underwater videos :: June 14.Neosynchiropus ocellatus video by aandtsociety - Photobucket

A pair of akindynos
Underwater videos :: June 14.Amphiprion akindynos pair video by aandtsociety - Photobucket

Short video of the Akindynos clown community found
Underwater videos :: June 14.Amphiprion akindynos community video by aandtsociety - Photobucket

Two Akindynos clowns living together else where.
Underwater videos :: June 14.Amphiprion akindynos,two clown fish video by aandtsociety - Photobucket

A lttle community of life in cluding a dice box,cardinals,soap fish and a chromis.
Underwater videos :: June 14.dice box,cardinals,soap fish video by aandtsociety - Photobucket

This is a fang blennie,we see quite a few of these.
Underwater videos :: June 14.plagiotremus rhinorhynchos. video by aandtsociety - Photobucket

A quite long video of the clown fish community.
Underwater videos :: June 14.Long-Amphiprion akindynos,clown fish community video by aandtsociety - Photobucket
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Thanks for sharing. I can feel the cold from here.
Looks like a really rough day on the water, lol...

How do the copperband butterflies do in captivity?
When we get them here in the East coast of the states, they are hit or miss as far as health by the time you get them in a tank, and fed, etc.

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The dragonets are very cool and most of the members have one or two in there tanks,i have had one in my scrubber since i increased the tray size and that is just under a year now.

The best way to get a healthy copper band is to get one from an area that is not pristeen and it gets to your tank before more than 48 hours after capture from its natural habitat.

Than the transporting of them to your home tank should be amonia and low PH free and oxygenated.

Ours do very well,because of these reasons.

With in hours of capture and healthy transporting we have them in our tanks.
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