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I took a break from the hobby for 3 years and now coming back. This time I want to do it correctly but limited in funds so I like to know what I need to plan my expenses.

I currently have a 75 gallon tank,
30 gallon sump/refugium (w/ 5 lbs of live rocks and chato - brought 3 days ago)
90 lbs of fiji rocks
90 lbs of sand
3X110w VHO with icecap 660-009 ballast
2X65w power compact
Red Sea Prizm skimmer
two maxi-jet powerheads (600 & 1200 model)

My rocks/sands in my main tank are not live as these were stored away and being reused now. Before, my tank was setup with FOWLR, but I like this time to be a Reef tank. So what do I need additionally or upgrade to maintain a reef tank system? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
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