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$500 OBO
220 Gallon Custom Glass Aquarium
Located in Sourthen CA, 91748, near the old rare fish.

Ive been running this setup for about 2 years now. I didn't add the fridge and canopytill about 1 year ago.

Tank: 7' Long 2' tall and 2' wide. 220 Gallon (or calculations say 209)
3 holes with bulkheads, 2 are 1" and the other is 1/2".
I removed the glass center piece because it was too big and never wanted to stay in place, so i had a friend weld two metal supports that run along the top. I painted them with two layers of paint to prevent rush and they have worked very well. I have 4 glass tops for the tank, but doesn't cover the middle of the tank just all 4 corners. The glass has mild scratches (nothing deep) but when it is full of water it looks fine. Whoever build this tank use alot of aquarium sealer. It looks like too much, so i assume the hold is pretty strong, but the pilars that hold up the canopy block the view of it.
The best part about this tank is that it has no back, i designed the stand to be the same way so you can actully walk around the entire tank and view from every angle. It is perfect for in the middle of a room or to devide a room.

Stand: Built it about 2 years ago out of 4x4s and sprayed with primer.
It has proven to be a very strong stand and i haven't had any problems with it. I added the side panels and fridge about a year ago. Shorty after i added the pilars, canopy and trim around the entire tank and fridge. All of the black paint is an high gloss acrylic enamel in pure black, to give it a shine and protect it. I use all types of bottle caps (soda, beer, liq, water, sake, etc) to trim the stand. They can be kept on or easily taken off. This entire setup was custom built by me, so feel free to ask any questions about it.

Contact me for pictures, i dont have 5 posts yet, i will post them when i make 5 posts.
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