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Hi guys,

New here! Just looking for any advice or criticism. Its my first attempt at a planted tank and I'm still learning :)

I finally got my betta into her permanent home. She was my very first fish purchased from Aquabid and she's awesome. The tank is a 10g, I tried going for a more heavily planted look because I'm looking to add in an amano shrimp or possible some cherry shrimp. This would be 3-4 more weeks when everythings a bit more established. My LFS has some cherries but not as large as I'm looking for, I'm going again soon and asking if I can place an order for larger ones to be shipped to the store. I'm trying to avoid nerite snails because I've read about the not so pleasant eggs they stick onto everything, but I'm open to suggestions.

For substrate I used Fluval Stratum with root tabs placed in, with some fine sand and dotted larger gravel pieces to top it off. The plants are still going through the melt phase, I added them not that long ago, plus I still have a shipment of RRF and anubias nana petite on the way. I was looking to use API leaf zone and CO2 booster for growth.

The plants used:
amazon sword
java fern
anubias broad leaf
cryptocoryne wendii browns and lucens
red tiger lotus bulb
dwarf hairgrass
java moss

Please excuse the cloudiness, I had added a bit more sand where I saw needed and it's still clearing up. Thanks in advance!

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