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  1. Freshwater Fish Species
    I have 5 peacock gudgeons living in my 60 gallon tall and I'm not positive about their sexes but I think I have at least one male (the focus of the video) and possibly 3-4 females. Not sure if these guys are mature yet, maybe someone can share their knowledge on these guys. They are about 1.5"...
  2. Updated Community Tank

    This is an updated picture of my 35g tall community tank. More noticeably I have a new plant in the background and the lighting cover is one I built myself to accommodate two light strips. I stained and sealed the wood.
  3. 55gl tall w/o flash KOI

    1 koi, 1 butterfly koi, 1 comet, and a few small fish
  4. 55gl tall w/flash

    this tank held koi, comets, and others.
1-6 of 6 Results