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  1. Bottomfeeder Investigates

    Here one of my Bottomfeeders checks out the new Snail in town
  2. Snail

    A snail in my 10 gallon tank.
  3. My snail

  4. My snail

  5. Mystery snails

    One yellow, one black.
  6. 58

  7. big snail

    big snail
  8. My little tank

    My little tank on my desk. I love it so much. currently, I add three beehorn snails to clean the algae on the tank. It workd great.
  9. Snail ID

    Tiny brown snail with no operculum, left hand twisted shell, and conical shape. I think it is in the Physidae family, Physa species. I would like to know what it eats and what will eat it.
  10. Snail ID Pic 2

    Is this snail harmful to my plants?
1-14 of 15 Results