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  1. Freshwater Invert Discussion
    Do you find the eggs they leave behind minimal compared to what they contribute to an aquariums overall health? Or do you hate those eggs lol and choose not to keep Nerites?
  2. Breeding Freshwater Fish And Inverts
    So about 3 months ago I purchased one golden mystery snail, or so that's what they were labeled as, to clean my 20 gal fresh water tank that only has one albino rainbow shark and 3 zebra danios living in it. So this snail has quadrupled in size and has no males with her since the pet store but...
  3. Freshwater Invert Discussion
    I found one of my nerites upside down a few days ago and of course I quickly righted him but ever since then I keep finding him upside down. Maybe six times in the last few days. He was in a five gallon tank but I put him in something smaller (with a calcium source) to better keep an eye on him...
  4. Bottomfeeder Investigates

    Here one of my Bottomfeeders checks out the new Snail in town
  5. Snail

    A snail in my 10 gallon tank.
  6. My snail

  7. My snail

  8. Mystery snails

    One yellow, one black.
  9. 58

  10. big snail

    big snail
  11. My little tank

    My little tank on my desk. I love it so much. currently, I add three beehorn snails to clean the algae on the tank. It workd great.
  12. Snail ID

    Tiny brown snail with no operculum, left hand twisted shell, and conical shape. I think it is in the Physidae family, Physa species. I would like to know what it eats and what will eat it.
  13. Snail ID Pic 2

    Is this snail harmful to my plants?
1-17 of 18 Results