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  1. Freshwater Fish Diseases,Algae Issues,Emergencies
    Hello, everyone! I have some black neon tetras (there are 6 total) that have these bright red gills that are also kinda poking out a bit? (see pictures below) I first noticed it on the 29th and there were two showing these symptoms. The next day I found a third one with the same symptom but...
  2. Freshwater Fish Diseases,Algae Issues,Emergencies
    I noticed that my otocinclus's sucker mouth seems to have algae or something stuck in it. There are just little green specks all over his mouth that I can see on him. Is this something that I need to worry about? If so, what should I be doing?
  3. Freshwater Fish Diseases,Algae Issues,Emergencies
    Hello, I just put 2 of my Neon Tetras down because they had a disease I couldn't cure. I tried 4 different medicines and nothing worked. The sole survivor of my tank does not appear to be sick, but he will be if I don't add more tetras for him. My question is how do I know if the tank water is...
  4. Freshwater Fish Diseases,Algae Issues,Emergencies
    First, let me explain. Five months ago, i had rounded up a school of juvenile angelfish I had in my 55 to give to a friend with a larger set up, knowing that i wouldn't be able to access the room with the fishtank for a few months due to having to store a large amount of junk in the room. Two...
1-4 of 6 Results