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  1. Photo of about 1/3 of my tank

    240 Reef 1/3 HP Chiller Aquatic Life Lighting CPR Filtration 4 Hydor Evolution 1050 with Wavemaker
  2. Here's Bobo and Krusty the Clownfish!

    Young, but full of personality. Love these lil guys.
  3. 55 Agressive

    After adding all the live rock and 3 days later my Nitrates start spiking up waiting for it all to cool down no fish in it just live rock and sand
  4. 29 Saltwater reef

    This pic was on week one still waiting for all the levels to sift out
  5. Saltwater

  6. Saltwater

  7. 20gal reef

    Current 20 gal setup (may 15 2011) cant wait till june 2011 i come!
  8. BabyTomatosCropped

    newly hatched clownfish fry in one of my tanks
  9. 46 gallon reef

    46 gallon bow front reef
1-12 of 13 Results