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  1. Breeding Freshwater Fish And Inverts
    She also has a white dot popping out of her poop hole
  2. Livebearers
    Well, I'm a huge fan of rare livebearers. Here is a video of mine that shows chocolate mollies and Muzquiz platies (Xiphophorus meyeri). Chocolate mollies have derived their name from their brown color. There are two varieties when it comes to the eyes: black eyed and red eyed chocolate mollies...
  3. General Freshwater Forum
    Hello new to this forum not a beginner but not an expert fish keeper. I recently bought a group of Platy’s and of them has came down with this red coloring on the bottom; will attach pictures. Any help on what illness this might be would be appreciated.
  4. Fry

    This is one of our Balloon molly fry with our snail.
  5. Platy

    This is one of our female platy's, I don't think she is a breeding female, she's never had fry since I've had her. She also seems to be quite large compared to other platy's I've seen in pet shops.
  6. Platy

  7. Three New Platies

    Our three new platies! The red platy is Little Red Riding Hood (Little Red for short; my younger sister named her). The panda is named Chun-Li (she kept fighting with the other two on the way home, but she's settled down now). The blue micky mouse platy (in the corner there) is named Flopsey. She ea
  8. New Tank Tenants (8/24/11)

    A full view of the tank on approximately Day 10 of setup.
  9. New Tank Tenants (8/24/11)

    "Salt and Pepper" again
  10. New Tank Tenants (8/24/11)

    The tank mates swimming together, the two "sunfire" platies are currently named "Mai and Tai". I think they're two males.
  11. New Tank Tenants (8/24/11)

    "Pepper" being a camera hog. Tried to capture the blue and yellow on his "forehead".
  12. New Tank Tenants (8/24/11)

    My new blue platies which I need names for. I think they're male and female, based on body shape and color differences.
  13. New Tank Tenants (8/24/11)

    A picture of my angelfish, currently named "Salt and Pepper". I will field some new suggestions ;). They are about 1.5" long.
  14. tigers_tropical

    This is the first aquarium we started with in June 2011. We are loving the way it is becoming to come together. We just had a ton of babies tho, the day after bringing a new mollie home from the store. So, that led to putting the fry in the pink tank pictured, and putting the platys and swordtail ba
  15. My Two New Platies

    These are my two sunburst platies, Marron and Isabella! I was worried I'd have to take them back to the store because my betta was picking on them, but they're all starting to get along better. The one on top is Isabella. She's the more dominant one. Marron is a bit more shy. They're both so cute! A
1-20 of 26 Results