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  1. Freshwater Plants, Freshwater Planted Tanks
    This should be a fun one! A little over a month ago I dug through my pile of aquarium supplies one day and setup a tank for my girlfriend's daughter. Then sometime around yesterday morning it occurred to my that with this equipment I need to just go for the planted tank I always wanted. I have...
  2. Freshwater Tank Builds
    After experimenting with my first fish tank ever, a 10 gallon glofish tank. I knew that I wanted something more. So a week ago, I picked up a 40 gallon breeder tank to embark on a planting journey. And this is it's journal. Have fun reading my missery and please give advice, not criticism. This...
  3. planted tank

    this is my new aquascape I just finished - its only a 21 gallon so I had some space constraints but tried to make the most of it! The amazon sword on the right was suffering a little before the new substrate with a plant fert layer, i'm hoping it will pick up soon :)
  4. 55g FW planted

    Switched my 55g up a lil bit! Have bosemani rainbows, zebra angel, candy cane tetras, ruby red rams, electric blue ram, platies, black RTS, amano shrimp
  5. Day one

    My new 30 gallon cycling for my 4 Jellybean cichlids and my red tailed shark. Attempting an "instant cycle". Wish me luck :)
  6. My 10 gallon planted tank

    My first tank, still a work in progress.
  7. IMAG00302

    Our Newly Planted tank
  8. aquarium_1-12

    My 29 gallon Planted
  9. 45 gal planted

    The big cleaner
  10. 45 gal planted

    Petricola. The colors in this pic are off. It's the flash I guess. The plant is red, the fish is black and white. Still a cool pic.
  11. 45 gal planted

    Leaf fish
  12. 45 gal planted

    This guy is keeping things clean
  13. 45 gal planted

    I took this up angle pic so you could see the underside of the Cryptocoryne usteriana leaves at the top of the tank.
  14. 45 gal planted

    This is some type of crypt but I'm not sure the species.
  15. 45 gal planted

    close up of anubias
1-20 of 44 Results