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  1. Fred the Craigslist Fish

    Another picture of Fred (or Fran?) This is his injured eye. The net we got that came with him was way too small and he got caught up in it and my husband thinks that is when he was injured.
  2. Fred the Craigslist Fish

    We think his eye is popped. We also have a major algae problem but despite all of this he is swimming around happily and seems to be content.
  3. Fred the Craigslist Fish

    This is Fred, our fish we got off Craigslist for Free 7/3/12. Sorry for the crummy cellphone picture. 29-gal freshwater tank. We have an algae problem. Tried to scrub out as much as we could but time was slim since he was in very cold water.
1-3 of 3 Results