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  1. New To The Freshwater Aquarium Hobby
    I’ve never had an aquarium prior to this month, however, a friend's Grandparent had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was going to flush her two fish Common and Bristle-nose Plecos). I begged her not to, bought a 55 gallon tank (they were in a 20gal) , stand, fluval canister filter...
  2. General Freshwater Forum
    So, I added some new fish to my tank recently and apparently added them too quickly. I had an established 20 long for about 2 years, had about 10 fish in it. Got a 55 gallon, and made the mistake of getting about 10 more fish (doubling the bioload) and immediately adding them to the new tank...
  3. image

    After adding the pothos plant, a stable reading of 10.
  4. Cichlids

  5. Cichlids

  6. Grasor Water Quality Graph

    Water Quality Graph, Initial Tank Break-in, Nitrogen Cycle. Noted that my home tap water contains 1.0-2.0 ppm Ammonia on 1/3/12 so I stopped water changes until I can get a source of Ammonia free water.
1-6 of 7 Results