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  1. Mixed Reef

    Mushroom Rocks in "mushroom cove"
  2. Mixed Reef

    Purple Mushrooms in my "mushroom cove"
  3. Mixed Reef

    Mushroom Coral
  4. New Mixed Reef Tank

    Overall tank picture. The tank had water in it for just under two months when this photo was taken.
  5. Mixed Reef

    Open brain?
  6. New Mixed Reef Tank

    Test corals in new mixed reef tank doing well.
  7. New Mixed Reef Tank

    New Tonga Rock that will be used as part of my new mixed reef tank.
  8. New Mixed Reef Tank

    New live rock for new mixed reef tank.
  9. 180 Gallon Mixed Reef

    180 Mixed Reef
1-14 of 14 Results