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male betta

  1. Planted 10 gallon

    Planted 10 gallon

    more full view of 10 gal with Male Betta, Apple Snails, 4 Lemon Tetra, and a some Ghost Shrimp who have taken up residence in the Java Moss
  2. Lemon Tetra

    Lemon Tetra

    school of 4 Lemon Tetra
  3. Apple Snail

    Apple Snail

    One of two new snails, they were sold simply as "snails", but I think they are Apple Snails
  4. Betta


    New addition
  5. Betta


    Latest Addition
  6. Male Betta in Bowl

    Male Betta in Bowl

    This is my beautiful male betta in his bowl. He's a happy guy always blowing bubbles.