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  1. Guppy


    Half grown guppy male.
  2. Fry


    This is one of our Balloon molly fry with our snail.
  3. Red Guppy

    Red Guppy

    One of the male guppies we've bred!
  4. Platy


    This is one of our female platy's, I don't think she is a breeding female, she's never had fry since I've had her. She also seems to be quite large compared to other platy's I've seen in pet shops.
  5. Lyre Tail Guppy

    Lyre Tail Guppy

    This is our only lyre tail guppy male.
  6. Balloon Molly

    Balloon Molly

    This is our orange Molly male.
  7. Balloon Molly

    Balloon Molly