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    I have a 29 gallon aquarium with three common/comet goldfish (purchased as feeder fish). I've had one for about 5 years now, and he's big and happy. My issue is that (for a few weeks I've noticed) he's been having little white bumps on his body. It is not severe and I haven't seen any on the...
  2. Shy baby

    Shy baby

    I acquired an unwanted baby goldie on Friday. Likes being fed. Dislikes being looked at.
  3. UpsideDownFish


    Swim bladder problems mean this fish is stuck floating at the top of the tank.
  4. Handsome red cap oranda

    Handsome red cap oranda

    This greedy guy has grown since moving into his bigger home.
  5. Three goldfish in a 120 litre tank

    Three goldfish in a 120 litre tank

    Three fish exploring their new (cycled) tank.
  6. Three goldfish in a 20 litre tank

    Three goldfish in a 20 litre tank

    I took on a friends goldfish. This is the tank they came in.
  7. Beautiful Goldfish

    Beautiful Goldfish

    Felix and Delilah
  8. DSCF1697


  9. DSCF1693


  10. DSCF1695


  11. DSCF1696


  12. DSCF1692


  13. new tank

    new tank

  14. Felix and Delilah

    Felix and Delilah

    My beautiful goldfish
  15. fish003


    Felix and Delilah
  16. fish001


    Felix and Delilah
  17. fish002


    Felix and Delilah It's hard to take a good photo of them, as 1. at the moment I have no tank-light 2. they move reeeeally fast!!
  18. My Goldfish

    My Goldfish

    At the front is my smaller goldfish, I have assumed/hoped/decided/guessed that she is a girl and called her Delilah. Behind you can see a black tail, that is Felix, he (?) is bigger. I'm very excited indeed to get them into a nice new big tank and get some more plants for them to eat.... Am thinki
  19. Goldiez


    10 gal. Goldfish Aquarium
  20. Sunshine: The Deformed Goldfish

    Sunshine: The Deformed Goldfish

    Meet Sunshine (named after the Sun Fish). I work at a pet store and found him (or her) in a shipment of feeder comets that came in. I couldn't just let him die so I took him home! He is the reason I joined this community. This is a picture of his back end.