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  1. Freshwater Fish Species
    I have both neon tetras and glass catfish in my tank, and I see a lot of articles for glass cats list neon tetras as good tankmates. But I also see that glass cats need a kh of 4-12, and neons prefer 0-2. I also have co2 injection for my plants, and a few cherry shrimp. My kh is currently...
  2. Asian glass catfish

    one of 4. taken 09/2011.
  3. el Chef's tank 20 gal

    20 gal with croc skull and tortoise shell. inhabited by 3 tiger barbs and 2 corydoras catfish
  4. el Chef's tank 29 gal

    29 gal with feaux driftwood and mixed gravel. inhabited by asian glass cats, black neon tetras, albino corydoras and pleco, and 2 variations of dwarf gourami
1-4 of 4 Results