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  1. Freshwater Tank Builds
    Hello there! I'm planning on building my first aquarium! I've read a bunch online, watched youtube videos, and tried my best at a setup. Hoping to get some tips before I get started to make sure my plan sounds OK. I've had a 20 gallon in the past, but I now want to make something that will fit...
  2. General Freshwater Forum
    I wanted to build my first aquarium and didn’t know how to start. So I did as so many others before me and used google and friends. I managed to figure out which items I needed to pick up, but I had all of the items open in different tabs. And when I wanted others input, I had to manually send...
  3. My Beginner Tank

    My little 20tall while I get a bigger one going. I already had it cycled and I was desperate for fish. I am now in the market for a larger 75plus that I can move them into later this year.
  4. 36 bowfront

    New tank
  5. My First Tank

    This is a 5 gal? tank I have in my dorm. Little Cory Catfish on right, two of my 3 neons on the left.
  6. First timer

    First attempt at keeping fish
  7. First timer

    First attempt at keeping fish
  8. First timer

    First attempt at keeping fish
1-8 of 8 Results