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  1. Freshwater Tank Builds
    Tank Size: 75 gal. Top Filter Details: Power: 18W Output L/H: 1800 Volume H/max: 1.8M Flow Tray Volume: 4.9L Base Length: 44.5cm - 72cm Additional question: is it okay if I remove the aeriation that comes with the filter? (I removed the tube that comes with the filter as seen from the...
  2. General Freshwater Forum
    Hello! Just got my 29 gallon tank out of storage, and ready to set it up as a tropical freshwater. Typically like platys, and sometimes a betta. We are setting it up in an area with half walls, and the tank comes about an inch above the wall. Would like to have an unobtrusive filter and cover. I...
  3. General Freshwater Forum
    I own a Aquaclear 70 filter and have been running it for only about three weeks. This morning I noticed it making a grinding noise. It isn’t very loud, but enough so to be annoying. I don’t have snails or sand that can get caught in the impeller. Any thoughts?
  4. General Freshwater Forum
    So I walked in to the room with my 125g cichlid tank and the water was white as can be. Then I see a paint brush with fresh paint on it that my kids put in the tank. The paint is a white low VOC latex paint. Not entirely sure how long it was like that. I would guess maybe an hour. I removed...
  5. photo_2

    Side view #2 the other end. Excuse the dirty top. Was excited to show you guys!
  6. photo_1

    Side view #one showing the tubing. The powerhead I have has a large opening so the size of the tube is pretty big. Was not able to drill it to the side of the planter which would've been ideal. But since it's clear, I can hide it easily without too much notice!
  7. Photo_Jul_16_8_48_15_PM

    testing to make sure it's working without leaks
  8. Photo_Jul_16_7_54_39_PM

    Drilled three holes. tubes inserted for overflow, center top hole for inlet of water
  9. Photo_Jul_16_7_54_32_PM

    Window planter from home depot
  10. DIY Lab Supply Filter

    Made this out of extra equipment at work (research lab) and a box of clearance eheim substrate with a Whisper air pump. It's a secondary filter for my 5.5 gal Betta tank He has fin rot so I'm doing everything I can to get rid of it and him healed. 50% water changes and salt
  11. Jacque

    Jacque my trusty but always hiding flower shrimp.
1-12 of 13 Results