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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello, i’m new and have been thrust into this very fast due to adopting two fish who were going to be discarded. I love animals and fish are no exception. Would appreciate any advice available on feeding common and bristle-nose Plecos (the whole “feed as much as they eat” thing is about as...
  2. New To The Freshwater Aquarium Hobby
    I’ve never had an aquarium prior to this month, however, a friend's Grandparent had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was going to flush her two fish Common and Bristle-nose Plecos). I begged her not to, bought a 55 gallon tank (they were in a 20gal) , stand, fluval canister filter...
  3. General Freshwater Forum
    I have been looking online recently and have seen most (if not all) articles state that "it is better to underfeed than overfeed" pet fish, yet I still am uncertain on how to make sure that all of my fish get the right amount of food instead of most of it going to some of the fish. The 3-4...
1-3 of 3 Results