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  1. flame_scallop_2_

    emerald crab, flame scallop, flower anemone
  2. emerald_crab_5_

    emerald crab, flame scallop, flower anemone
  3. flower_anemone_4_

    emerald crab, flame scallop, flower anemone
  4. hitch hicker crab

    hitch hicker crab
  5. Crab box 2

    plans for submerged crab box
  6. Crab_box

    Crab box
  7. Unknown Crab

    Destroing my Reef Citizens !! This Hitchiker I caught one morning at 2:00 am while looking to Harpoon the Emerald. He's plump (ate my Zoo's & Gorgonias) and about the size of a Coin Dollar. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. He's in solitary confinment for the rest of it's Life!!!!
  8. Picture_007

    Crab is a Hitchiker (unknown species). I blamed Emerald Crab f(I tried to harpoon Emerald missed by a millameter)or the damage this guy has done. I caught him in the early hours (2:00 am) feasting on my Zoo's. I reach in tank without thinking (poisonous/venomous) and grab it and everything around it
1-8 of 8 Results