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community tank

  1. New Member and need help with what fish to add

    Member Introductions
    I am a new Member looking to start a 30-gallon tank fresh water tank. So far I'm going to add Black Kuhli Loach (6). Neon Tetra Jumbo(7), Pelvicachromis Pulcher(2), and looking to add more. I'm going to add some java moss, amazon sword, and more if needed. And going to add some caves for the...
  2. Updated Community Tank

    Updated Community Tank

    This is an updated picture of my 35g tall community tank. More noticeably I have a new plant in the background and the lighting cover is one I built myself to accommodate two light strips. I stained and sealed the wood.
  3. Female Betta

    Female Betta

    My female betta in the community tank. Needs a name.