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  1. Brackish Water Aquariums
    Well, I do own mud skippers but I'm not keeping them in an aquarium but in a paludarium. Mine are asian mudskippers (Periophthalmus novemradiatus). These won't grow up that big which I find perfect for my paludarium. They're real fish but their pectoral fins are very strong which makes it...
  2. Brackish Water Aquariums
    Hello! I recently acquired a dragon goby and a few other brackish fish that I keep in my tank. The employee at the store had the dragon goby in a tank with a small container filled with salt that had an opening. This is how she told me to keep my tank at home. I set it up with a container that...
  3. Reef, Saltwater Lighting, Filtration,Skimmer,Pump
    I apologize first off, if this is the wrong forum category because I only saw fresh and saltwater and nothing for brackish. I have a brackish setup with Hawaiian Opae shrimp in a 29 gal tank. It's unfiltered and has been fine for two years. I like to keep a little water moving in it, and have...
1-3 of 3 Results