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  1. Livebearers
    I'll post a video of my blue star endlers. Also known as "Blue voisin" and "French blue". But the the name "Blue star" is the name that Philippe Voisin gave them. And I also have to mention that not Philippe Voisin himself collected them but his son did. For a lot of people think that Philippe...
  2. My male Jack Dempsy

    This beautiful fish was given to me by a good friend. He's amazingly beautiful, and has such a personality. I love the way he greets me when I feed him. He always comes and checks me out before he eats. Just like he's coming over to chat before dinner time.
  3. Blue voisin endler

    I keep and breed this strain as well. It's also called blue star and blue français.
  4. Night Time Tank

    Here is my tank when when I first set it up. This is at night.
  5. New Tank Tenants (8/24/11)

    A full view of the tank on approximately Day 10 of setup.
  6. New Tank Tenants (8/24/11)

    "Salt and Pepper" again
  7. New Tank Tenants (8/24/11)

    The tank mates swimming together, the two "sunfire" platies are currently named "Mai and Tai". I think they're two males.
  8. New Tank Tenants (8/24/11)

    "Pepper" being a camera hog. Tried to capture the blue and yellow on his "forehead".
  9. New Tank Tenants (8/24/11)

    My new blue platies which I need names for. I think they're male and female, based on body shape and color differences.
  10. New Tank Tenants (8/24/11)

    A picture of my angelfish, currently named "Salt and Pepper". I will field some new suggestions ;). They are about 1.5" long.
  11. sciencebuff93's pics

    Some of my new inverts that I just bought online with killer prices! My clownfish and the blue palythoas.
  12. sciencebuff93's pics

    Some of my new inverts that I just bought online with killer prices!
  13. sciencebuff93's tanks

    This is my blue crayfish. I bought him at a good price, but he's been a real nuisance moving everything :-()
1-20 of 20 Results