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  1. New To The Freshwater Aquarium Hobby
    I’ve never had an aquarium prior to this month, however, a friend's Grandparent had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was going to flush her two fish Common and Bristle-nose Plecos). I begged her not to, bought a 55 gallon tank (they were in a 20gal) , stand, fluval canister filter...
  2. Freshwater Catfish
    Hi, I have a small tank, only 10 gallons. I started out with 4 minnows, and 2 panda cory cats. I was going to get 2 more corys and call my tank good, but then I found baby catfish in my tank! I thought it was awesome until they kept breeding haha. Now I have about 17 cory cats if not more, they...
  3. Reef, Saltwater Lighting, Filtration,Skimmer,Pump
    Hey everyone, I’m very new to the aquarium hobby. I have everything purchased and I feel like I’m setup for success but my plants aren’t doing well. I have a 10G, and I’m currently doing a fishless new aquarium cycle with plants. I have a bunch of Java fern, Pearl weed, crypts, moneyworts and...
  4. New To The Freshwater Aquarium Hobby
    Hello, I am new here and new to the hobby. I know this was a rookie mistake but I went online and bought a 20 gallon tank off someone, wasn't until shortly before I got there that I found out it had fish in it!!! The fish were bagged and the tank was about 80% emptied. I brought it home, set up...
  5. New To The Freshwater Aquarium Hobby
    Hi all. First of all, aquarium specs - Tank: Ciano Aqua60 60L (16 US Gal) - 60cm/30cm/32cm Filter: Fluval U2 (brand new, without the clean+clear cartridge, just extra USED/pre-cultured ceramic from the local fish shop) Heater: Fluval E100 @ 25 Celcius Lighting: Ciano CLA60 LED strip, Ciano...
  6. 0824120010

    I built the shelf and light too. I got the light from an old aquarium light
  7. 0824120009

    right now I have no plants and 4 gold barbs
  8. 0821121628

    My 11.5 gallon tank that I built for my dorm room
  9. My tank as of 08-19-11

    Here is my 10g tank that I am wanting to aquascape. I want to replace the two (2) fabric plants in the upper left and lower right corners. As well, I am going to replace the current incandescent bulbs with some 50/50 bulbs... Shortly, I will be purchasing a 55g to do some serious aquascaping.
1-9 of 9 Results