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  1. New To The Freshwater Aquarium Hobby
    Hello, I am new here and new to the hobby. I know this was a rookie mistake but I went online and bought a 20 gallon tank off someone, wasn't until shortly before I got there that I found out it had fish in it!!! The fish were bagged and the tank was about 80% emptied. I brought it home, set up...
  2. New To The Saltwater Aquarium Hobby
    Hi there, any help would be GREATLY appreciated (especially as it’s hard to go and talk to someone nowadays!). I want to keep a small marine tank but have never kept one before. I was hoping I could maybe get a pair of clowns and maybe a small shoal of another species (i like the little chromis...
  3. New To The Freshwater Aquarium Hobby
    Hi all. First of all, aquarium specs - Tank: Ciano Aqua60 60L (16 US Gal) - 60cm/30cm/32cm Filter: Fluval U2 (brand new, without the clean+clear cartridge, just extra USED/pre-cultured ceramic from the local fish shop) Heater: Fluval E100 @ 25 Celcius Lighting: Ciano CLA60 LED strip, Ciano...
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    I built the shelf and light too. I got the light from an old aquarium light
  5. 0824120009


    right now I have no plants and 4 gold barbs
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    My 11.5 gallon tank that I built for my dorm room
  7. My tank as of 08-19-11

    My tank as of 08-19-11

    Here is my 10g tank that I am wanting to aquascape. I want to replace the two (2) fabric plants in the upper left and lower right corners. As well, I am going to replace the current incandescent bulbs with some 50/50 bulbs... Shortly, I will be purchasing a 55g to do some serious aquascaping.