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  1. Freshwater Fish Diseases,Algae Issues,Emergencies
    Two weeks ago I had our national Poecilia meeting. Besides trading fish also plants were traded. I got a bag full of plants. I always clean new plants before they go in a tank. I've divided them over a number of tanks. There were all kinds of plants in there...
  2. General Freshwater Forum
    Hi, new here, but not to the hobby. Just wondering if anyone can help with a glass clouding issue? Attaching a picture, but I've launched quite a few things at this, up to muriatic acid. Have lucky polished with toothpaste, and bar keepers friend, but figured I'd pose the question here. Can...
  3. Freshwater Equipment For Sale, Swap, and Wanted
    110 gallon aquarium, filters, self adjusting overhead lights (2). Fish: 3 red discus, 2 full-sized plecos, 2 Corey Cats, 2 tetras. Really need to do something this week if possible. Call with any questions: 512-845-9155.
    $500 USD
  4. Freshwater Fish Diseases,Algae Issues,Emergencies
    Hello, I am curious as to what kind of worm this is. I'm concerned if it's something that will affect my shrimps and snails. I got them today, the worm (only one I could find so far) was with them. I tried my best to take the pictures, please let me know if you need additional pictures. Thank...
  5. Freshwater Equipment For Sale, Swap, and Wanted
    Meet GuppyLamp a one of its kind Aquarium Lamp. We are looking for individuals who want to help us make this into an affordable and quality product for large scale distribution. GuppyLamp is starting a focus group that will receive the first batch of lamps. During the process our guppies will...
  6. General Freshwater Forum
    Hi there, need some help i have a milky film on top of my Tanganyika Cichliden aquaruim. Now i have tried all...skimmer / paper towels etc and whilst they help it is back within 30 minutes. I have rock and anubis plants... otherwise my water condition is very good as i test regularly ... all...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hi there! I found this forum while looking for resources that help me improve my knowledge about aquarium. Just popping in to say hello and introduce myself. I'm here to learn from the experiences of others in this community. Looking forward to interacting with you!
  8. Bettas
    Hello all! Boy, I haven't been in this site for about two whole years. But I'm glad to be back! Let's get to talking. Sunday, 20th of December. I bought a 5 gallon fish tank and supplies to set up the fish tank. Currently it is in the middle of cycling. I know I am not nearly finished with the...
  9. Freshwater Equipment For Sale, Swap, and Wanted
    Hello! Selling a 56 Gallon, completely new and unused. Looking for offers!
  10. M. Ansorgii biotope

    Photos from my M. ansorgii biotope
  11. M. Ansorgii biotope

    Photos from my M. ansorgii biotope
  12. M. Ansorgii biotope

    Photos from my M. ansorgii biotope
  13. 25 Gal. Tank

    This is the tank in question
  14. Night Time Tank

    Here is my tank when when I first set it up. This is at night.
  15. Stand

    Here is the new tank that I am setting up. As well as pics of the stand i just built, any thoughts on the stand are welcome
  16. Stand

  17. overall shot..

    here it is sorry for the bad photo
1-20 of 76 Results