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  1. Freshwater Fish Diseases,Algae Issues,Emergencies
    Hi All, Does this look like fin rot to you? This came on fast (within 1-2 days). I separated my angel from my mollies and bristlenose pleco. The tank is cycled, I do ~20% water change of my 48 gallon tank once a week, and the water parameters look normal after testing them multiple times. Since...
  2. Freshwater Fish Diseases,Algae Issues,Emergencies
    Hi I have an Angelfish by itself in a 29 gallon that has fin rot. I've been using Kanaplex in-water every other day for the past week. Slight improvement has begun, but after adding API salt, it seems to have really brought out these red spots. Can someone please let me know if we're doing...
  3. Freshwater Fish Diseases,Algae Issues,Emergencies
    First, let me explain. Five months ago, i had rounded up a school of juvenile angelfish I had in my 55 to give to a friend with a larger set up, knowing that i wouldn't be able to access the room with the fishtank for a few months due to having to store a large amount of junk in the room. Two...
  4. IMG_3337

    Young Angelfish
  5. My Beginner Tank

    My little 20tall while I get a bigger one going. I already had it cycled and I was desperate for fish. I am now in the market for a larger 75plus that I can move them into later this year.
  6. breeding angelfish

    male and female marble angelfish, violet goby, red snails
  7. baby angelfish

    baby angel fish. approx 5 weeks old. the 2 survivors of over 200 egs
  8. baby angelfish

    baby angel fish. aspprox 5 weeks old the 2 survivors of over 200 egs
  9. Angelfish(black)

    my black angel
  10. 06082011372

  11. 18102011417

  12. New Tank Tenants (8/24/11)

    A full view of the tank on approximately Day 10 of setup.
  13. New Tank Tenants (8/24/11)

    "Salt and Pepper" again
  14. New Tank Tenants (8/24/11)

    The tank mates swimming together, the two "sunfire" platies are currently named "Mai and Tai". I think they're two males.
  15. New Tank Tenants (8/24/11)

    "Pepper" being a camera hog. Tried to capture the blue and yellow on his "forehead".
1-19 of 30 Results