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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi all aquarists! My name is Tim, I'm a newly adopter of this amazing hobby / passion, and I'm having a gosh darn blast with it. It's mainly used as a stress reliever for me, like a bonsai tree garden! :smile2: Can't wait to become an active "forum goer" here at Aquarium forum! Anywho, here...
  2. My tank as of 08-19-11

    Here is my 10g tank that I am wanting to aquascape. I want to replace the two (2) fabric plants in the upper left and lower right corners. As well, I am going to replace the current incandescent bulbs with some 50/50 bulbs... Shortly, I will be purchasing a 55g to do some serious aquascaping.
  3. 10G, 1st fish

    Here's a pic of my 10G. The brown things on bottom and the little floater are bulbs. We'll see if they do better than the last batch.... I'm going for the beaslbob build: Peat, sand (live sand--oops!) and gravel. Tap water--no chemicals, no filter. Plants: wisteria, Amazon sword (cycling for abou
  4. FTS10Gplanted

    10G FW Guppy Community (Females, Males, Babies) 1 - Male Betta lots of Pond Snails Java Moss (thanks Ben!) Wisteria (thanks Ben!) Ludwigea Repens Money Wort Horn Wort Vesuvious (thanks Ben!) 1 - Mini 80GPH Power Head (thanks Ben!) DIY CO2: Yeast, sugar, connected to the power head for injection Drif
1-4 of 4 Results