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  1. My 10 gallon planted tank

    My first tank, still a work in progress.
  2. 10G, 1st fish

    Here's a pic of my 10G. The brown things on bottom and the little floater are bulbs. We'll see if they do better than the last batch.... I'm going for the beaslbob build: Peat, sand (live sand--oops!) and gravel. Tap water--no chemicals, no filter. Plants: wisteria, Amazon sword (cycling for abou
  3. 10 gallon show tank

    A small show tank that is still in the works. It has 3 male guppies, 1 male swordtail, 2 otocinclis, 2 dwarf frogs, snails, and 2 ghost shrimp. Plus some anacharis, and a fake plant. More real ones to come.
1-3 of 3 Results