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  1. General Freshwater Forum
    I have a planted 10 gallon that's well established and has been for the past year; no fish, but tons of 'scuds' thriving which hitchhiked off some plant(s). I'm planning on a betta fish, I'm thinking about adding a common pleco temporarily? And ~5? neocaridina shrimp (after the pleco if I decide...
  2. Fisfan's First Planted Tank

    10 Gallon Aqueon Deluxe Kit Lighting -Aqueon 8000K 15W T8 fluorescent Substrate - 50% blue and black generic gravel, 50% Black Flourite Sand (No added CO2) Plants: Rotala Indica, Java Fern, Java Moss, Red Mellon Sword, Undulata, Green Cabomba, Bacopa, Hair Grass, Anacharis, Dwarf Subulata, Lobelia
1-2 of 2 Results