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10-08-2011 07:44 PM
Re: Save these fish.

That's why I am applying for an aquarium job at the petsmart they are building down the street from me. The other petsmart isn't bad as far as livestock go, they have one guy who really knows his stuff but the rest of the punk kids dont.. SOO i plan on being that guy at the new petsmart.
10-08-2011 07:25 AM
Future Marine Biologist
Re: Save these fish.

I hate how money hungry people can be!
I mean, how are their no laws helping the fish.
I also hate when idiots go in and get a fish they know nothing about and keep it in a bowl!
Some people just get on my nerves.
03-24-2011 04:37 PM
Re: Save these fish.

same with me I recently had my 19th b-day and my boyfriend unknowingly bought me 2 fish from petco a Plecostomus (sucker) fish and a Blue Gourami and the sucker fish died the Gourami is fine she is in her own tank she shows no signs of any illnesses but she is afraid of my gold fish bubba he's really big so i moved her in to a 20 gal tank and i'm going to get another Gourami fish for her so she doesn't feel lonely. I'm getting her new friend from a wonderful old lady who has many fish and woln't let you have one unless you have everything the fish will need i love this lady, she has like 100 tanks and every one is perfect!!!
07-22-2010 11:04 AM
Re: Save these fish.

The sad thing about "saving" these fish from pet stores is that they are just going to go order more of them. We buy up their diseased fish, fix them, and then more are in the tank the next week with the same problem. There's no disease prevention in places like that, no quarantine procedures, so it's a constant battle. Really a sad situation.
07-22-2010 08:28 AM
Re: Save these fish.

I ran into an issue last night at a local petstore, Petzone, where the Oscars they had were in terrible shape, fin rot and everything else, and i asked my buddy who works there what they were doing about it, and he said that they had never had this occur and that they felt terrible, and he went down there and got them all, and they are now in a 120gallon tank in his living room, so some people who work there are really looking out for this type of situation.
07-22-2010 07:07 AM
Re: Save these fish.

Petco and Petsmart where I am at is pretty decent. As mentioned a couple of posts up, Wal-mart is the worst I have ever seen. Where I lived previously, the Wal-marts weren't so bad. Here, is a different story. The fish all look diseased and in bad shape.

07-22-2010 03:24 AM
Re: Save these fish.

Maybe, we should all go work [at Petco, Petsmart, etc.]... we could save a ton of fish cause at least WE know what we are doing... unlike teenagers who overflow tanks and kill the fish...
07-22-2010 03:17 AM
Re: Save these fish.

Same happened with me. I walked into a petco and felt bile in my stomach. There was a Silver Dollar missing an eye, and countless dead and decomposing fish. I was with my mom and told her that we had to go. She immediatly took me outside where i gulped in fresh air. Tears welled up as i told her I never wanted to go there again and that they should be sued for animal cruelty.

P.S. notice how no one considers cruelty to aquarium fish as an "actual" animal cruelty
07-21-2010 10:25 AM
Tim Wheatley
Re: Save these fish.

Originally Posted by Shotgun View Post
It broke my heart as soon as I walked in.

After buying some shoes at the local shoe store, I walked next-door to the local petco. (I never buy my stuff at petco, but I just wanted to check out the fish stuff they got there.) I walked into the store and I headed towards the fish section.

I started looking at the filters, heaters, and other cool little gadgets. After that, I made my way to the aquariums where they sold their fish.

When I got there, my heart sank. Almost every tank there was diseased. I saw everything from velvet, to NTD; from glo-fish having bend spines due to mal-nutrition, to fin and tail rot. I saw silver dollars with no fins and tails what-so-ever; I saw platies missing fins entirely; a dead, diseased, and decomposing fish in every-other tank; gourami's with no antennas.

It broke my heart to see so many fish in such a bad place. Fish were misplaced, and some were labeled wrong.

Now, I would like to explain something that happened to me about two years ago...

Two years ago, I was still relativly new to the aquarium hobby. I quickly learned to love it. I only had a 30 gallon tank at the time. (now, its a lot more ) I recently lost a female guppy. Thinking not much of it, I went to petco and bought a female guppy. When I took her home, I noticed her behavior. After about two hours, I saw visible signs of velvet. Inorder to save the rest of my fish, I took her out, and isolated her. Within only a few days, all of my fish have developed the disease. I lost every one of them.

From that moment on, I boycotted petco and all other petcos. It angers me to go in there again after two years and see the fish in even worse condition than two years prior. I feel saddened by the fish, but I feel like there is nothing I can do. I feel like I want to take all of them, fix them up, and give them happy, loving homes; but it is out of my reach...

Save these fish.
I've seen good and bad from Petco, PetSmart, PetLand.

One Petco near me is terrible, another is great (different staff, someone at the good one knows what they are doing).

One PetSmart near me is OK, another is OK.

The PetLand is huge, fantastic stock and everything looks great, but they sold me a Violet Goby as an aggressive freshwater fish that could be a centerpiece in my 55 gallon with my Tiger Barbs. I soon discovered it is brackish, not freshwater, is incompatible with Tiger Barbs as it cannot defend itself and it is not aggressive in the slightest.

So there's good and bad everywhere... The only good fish store is not a chain from my experience:
Never trust the fish store |
07-21-2010 09:46 AM
Re: Save these fish.

we are lucky around here because we have about a dozen fish stores that are jsut fish stores where everything is done right and everyone is taken care of...they actually all banded together, mad decals for their vehicles and when they go to local chain stores they buy as many fish as they can and bring them back to their place to bring back to health and raise and then sell from their buddy actually worked for UPS when he was younger and the fish come in big white coolers and by the time they get to walmart they have been frozen and thawed and frozen and thawed and then thrown around due to not packing them correctly or shipping them on 2day delivery i nthe freezing is rediculous how things get so overlooked
07-14-2010 06:12 PM
Re: Save these fish.

I am very lucky that the petsmart near me is pretty good with there fish, there is also a LFS, Aquarium World. They take amazing care of there fish and thats really the only place i will buy my fish from. Its just a shame to see how places like petco treat there fish its make me sick, I will be stopping by walmart to take a look at there fish section and see what the damage is, hopefully it isnt too bad.
07-14-2010 02:52 PM
Re: Save these fish.

yeah, just make sure you are SUPER carefull of where you buy your fish. i had disease outbreaks twice in my tanks because of an infected fish that was living in the same tank of another diseased fish...
07-14-2010 01:41 PM
Re: Save these fish.

Petcos and PetsMarts are very hit or miss because they are a chain. It all depends on the chain owner and the management. Some are excellent and others are atrocious pits of abuse and disease.

I'm very grateful that both the Petco and the PetsMart near me are excellent because of good management (as I really don't have any other fish supply places nearby). The fish are beautiful and healthy, and the aquariums well kept. The folks that normally tend the aquarium section all have aquariums themselves and are super knowledgeable. Most of my fish come from those two stores. In the last 4 years, I've never, ever ended up buying an infected fish. Even my otocinclus cats are thriving and healthy.

This is a good thread. It's very important that new aquarists reading this learn to take very special care in selecting stores for their livestock so they don't end up sinking their tanks and a lot of heartache.
07-13-2010 09:58 PM
Re: Save these fish.

I took a trip to walmart after reading this thread and I almost busted all the tanks to put the fish outa there was bad. there was a puffer clinging on for dear life inside of this salt container.
08-25-2009 05:28 PM
Re: Save these fish.

PETA is a joke. They are psyco health and animal loving vegitarians. They take it too far. Hell, they hate mcdonalds because they use meat!

If PETA is involved, im out.
08-25-2009 01:02 PM
Re: Save these fish.

our local petco does a great job taking care of their aquariums and fish stock, i know a couple people that work there. perhaps it is only certain stores.
08-24-2009 05:27 PM
Re: Save these fish.

I have had luck before sending complaints to petstores about conditions. One time I complained about their treatment of hermit crabs at a specific store. I described the problem thoroughly, offered various solutions and proposed changes, and attached a detailed care sheet. I was called the very next day by the manager of that store who told me they were making the changes I was asking for at that very moment and was invited to come in and inspect the tanks to see if further changes were needed and if I was satisfied.
Tips for writing complaint letters or emails:

1. Be professional, respectful and courteous. Don't insult people or use vulgar or foul language, it will get you nowhere. Use correct grammar. Spell check and proof read. Include your name, home address, email address and phone number (consider the possibility of the manager calling and getting your voicemail and have the content of your voicemail message be such that they would take you seriously).

2. Be specific. Describe the problem(s) in detail. Offer reasonable solutions to each problem or alternative ways of doing things that are applicable to the store and the situation. Be sure to mention the time and date of your store visit, any individual you may have discussed the issue with in the store, as well as the address of the specific store. If possible, attach appropriate care sheets that describe the desired parameters such as temperature, pH, feeding, treatment/prevention of illnesses.

3. Describe consequences. Offer reasonable consequences, not as a threat but as a promise. Mention aquarium or other animal related communities, forums and chats you frequent and explain that you have posted your letter there, as well as a warning not to shop at the specific store. If your requested changes have been made within a set period of time, offer to relate to the community that the store has made the changes to your satisfaction and that the store can be shopped in once again.

4. Follow through. Do what you say you will, whether it is following through on a consequence, or you are invited to assist in the process, inspect or participate in any other way, including training of staff. Show up prepared, well dressed and knowledgable.

Here is a copy of the letter mentioned above, which you may use for ideas for your own complaint:

Outraged would be a mild description of my mental state after visiting the PetSmart store in Niles, Ohio. Even now, several hours later, I am horrified, disgusted and appalled. The conditions, under which the hermit crabs in this store are kept, have been less than acceptable for as long as I have been a customer, and past attempts to inform your employees of proper care have been ignored - except for the addition of some climbing items. Today, however, the conditions were absolutely sickening; I have never seen such disregard for life and outright cruelty to animals in any store I have ever been to. The first 5 hermit crabs I picked up were dead. All of them long enough to be stiff and foul smelling. One had been dead so long most of the face had rotted away and another so long it was merely a dark, mold covered mass inside the shell.
The employee, I have informed of the poor conditions in the past, came over to me and asked if I needed assistance, and I explained the situation and handed him one of the dead crabs to show him the severity of the situation. He told me the last shipment of crabs was poor and had been shipped in conditions that were too cold for the crabs. Then he said "I guess I need to clean up the tank" and walked away without immediately attempting to rectify the situation or removing the remaining dead crabs.
If the company that provides the crabs for this store has such disregard for animal life and welfare, I do not understand why PetSmart is willing to do business with them and support them financially by purchasing their crabs. The local Pet Supplies Plus in the same mall also carry hermit crabs and have the same species as PetSmart as well as more exotic species, and these crabs are obviously shipped under much better conditions and are also in shells that are suitable for hermit crabs contrary to the crabs at PetSmart. So in conclusion, I know PetSmart is not using the current supplier because there are no other options.
The tank conditions at this store are not suitable for hermit crabs, not even for temporary housing. There is no lid, no temperature and humidity gauges, no pools with water that the hermit crabs can bathe in and wet their gills for better breathing, not enough substrate, no proper food for the smaller crabs and the tank is in child height so anyone can pick up the crabs and mishandle them or drop them on the floor thus jeopardizing their lives and health.
The tank is very dry which is not acceptable. Hermit crabs breathe using modified gills and need high humidity to breathe. If the humidity is too low, as it is in the tank in this store, the crabs will suffocate and die - a slow and horrible process. It is inhumane and I refuse to believe a company like yours is willing to ignore such cruelty to animals and not take proper action when informed.
I expect to see the conditions in this store improved so that the hermit crabs have a chance at life instead of being cruelly mistreated as they are now.
I am a member of the Hermit Crab Association (HCA) which works to promote responsible hermit crab care and educate owners as well as merchants.
I have seen many complaints about PetSmart stores posted on our forums and have also discussed the issue with several other members. A number of our members have shared similar stories about PetCo and have in many cases sent complaints directly to the company. Many have reported positive improvements in the PetCo stores and have received direct contact information to their Customer Relations Coordinator who has encouraged them to report any future problems. I hope to see the same positive results and relationship between PetSmart and the members of the HCA.
Until the conditions under which the hermit crabs at PetSmart are kept have improved and are brought up to a reasonable standard, I will take my business elsewhere and encourage friends, family and fellow HCA members to do the same.
I will be reporting the conditions at this store to the HCA and post a copy of this letter on their forum. I hope that I, with your cooperation, can send an update to the HCA with the positive results and tank improvements at the store very soon.
Below is a copy of the Hermit Crab Care Sheet approved by the HCA. I hope it will serve to assist in the education of yourself, your employees and your customers.
I will be happy to assist in improving the conditions of the tank as well as the education of your employees. If necessary I will gladly come to the store myself and show the employees how to set up and maintain the tank and I am of course willing to answer questions or assist in any other way necessary.
08-19-2009 03:53 PM
Re: Save these fish.

Originally Posted by petlover516 View Post
thats why my dad and i both refuse to go to petco for livestock. the problem is, they hire teenagers looking for a job that have no clue about how to keep fish and many other pets. one time, a girl at my local petco accidentally overflowed half of all the tanks and killed alot of fish just doing a water change!

Haha!!! The people at DEATHCO are so stupid (sorry about the fish tho) Once there was this really big guy there who would not let me get 3 tetras, he said only 2 or ALLLLL my fish would die (I was starting my first school) I called him a lazy pain in the u know what under my breath because he was too lazy.
08-19-2009 03:50 PM
Re: Save these fish.

There should be some law that you need to treat your fish good at your store or else it will get closed. Good for you for speaking out. I really dont like petco and the only reason I go there is to get feeder minnows (the other petstores are a haul from my house). Those poor fish, how come if this happens to a puppy farm the farm gets closed down but when this happens to fish no body gets of their lazy seat to fix it.

08-14-2009 08:56 AM
Re: Save these fish.

The appalling and horrifying conditions does not just happen at PS, i've seen this at many Wal-marts and local mom and pop store as well. I even took photos of the appalling conditions at my local Wal-mart and contacted Wal-mart watch( a group dedicated to refroming the caveman like policies of Wal-mart) via e-mail. Unfortunately you can write letters, send e-mails and even contact your senator but there's just too many big chain business that only care about profits and not the health of their stock. Petco puts aquarium salt in every FW tank to promote slime growth and extend the life of their stock until its sold, in most cases a little aquarium salt is a good thing once in a while but not all day every day 24/7. This is a huge problem and i've seen it discussed many times in many different forums with the end result of ppl just giving up on it and simply refusing to buy anything at the store. I personally think there's not much we can do as these big chain stores have numerous lawers and a huge amount of money to fight legislation and just brush it off like a mosquito. A few ppl or even thousands are not going to change the policies of these big chain stores, however i'm willing to do just about anything to bring this problem to the attention of our government and if any of you have a suggestion or want to stand on the White house steps and preach im all for it.

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