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11-20-2012 10:11 PM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

Hi Chillwill,
Just got finished reading most of your thread. Great work on your tank. I have no experience with the Eheim 2217, however, I have a 2213 and 2215. Both canisters do an excellent job filtering the water. Even if my tanks are completely clouded over during water changes/planting, the eheims will totally clear the water in about 2 hours. Personally, I like the 2213 better as it has an internal tall basket the media goes in and it makes it easier to rinse the media when needed. I believe I've read somewhere online that more of the classic eheims come with the internal basket, but don't quote me on that. Plus, when purchased new, they come with all the necessary media for start up. Also, both of the Eheims I have are totally silent...i have to actually put my hand on them to make sure they are still running. Not necessarily a con, but very little of the instructions that they come with is in English, and all of the tubing, parts, etc are metric so this may pose a challenge if you wish to modify your setup. YouTube has excellent videos showing set up if you find the instructions are hard to follow.
11-19-2012 10:07 AM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

Ok so its been a couple Weeks since I added my fish so I'm at a total of 21 total and still filter less. I have no losses. I have noticed my Tank looking a little cloudier then b4. So I think I have reached my max with out a filter. I have been getting black alage on my plants and on my 2 pieces of rock that is on the Tank. I think this os due to the way I feed the tank. I kinda over feed the tank cause I think my neon tetra school is to small. They dont really attack the food like the others. So I kinda over the Tank to make sure they get sole but I have cut down my feeding to every other day or 2. So I think I have proved that the filterless Tank will work on bigger tanks. I want to add a few more neons to get them more out in the the wife and my son is loving the Tank more and wants to add more and more. So I'm thinking of either going with the knock off SunSun canister filter off of Ebay or an ehiem 2217 canister filter. Any suggestions or comments on either one from people using either of them.
11-09-2012 07:42 PM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

Why thank u air. Yea I haven't been on for a while so was hoping god old beaslbob should stop in and check it out
10-28-2012 01:17 PM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

Tank looks good,hope it handles increased bio load.Just the name is a flash back to the past!

10-28-2012 11:15 AM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

New pics are in many album but trying to get my sons party together now. Will load then on this thread later but u can just look in my album for now
10-28-2012 11:14 AM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

Here goes a link to my youtube update
75g comunity filterless tank 1yr update - YouTube
10-27-2012 03:40 PM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

So what has happened to the tank now a year later????? Its going great. I did lose both rams but my congos and plecs have been very happy in th is big old tank by them selfs. Plant growth has quadrupled with this led. Even after that bad storm in the summer that left me with out power for 10 days my taank has thrived and I can only contribute it to the way I did the tank set up. I just cleaned up the tank and got the green light to get more fish. So last night I got 7serpa tetras, 6neon tetras and a redtail shark. I'm gonna throw up some pics and I just did an update video on youtube so I'll link that in here too.
02-28-2012 11:17 PM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

Well quick update
Everything is going pretty good with the led light that I got. Again its a marineland knock of with 172 x .06w 6500k leds and 12 blue leds. My red ludwiga that the LCD said requested moderate lighting has actually grOwn pretty good for as low wattage of this led.

Now to the not so good update one of my GBR looks to be getting hole in the head. I've read up on it and am starting to do water changes.a couple nights ago I did 5g and tonight I'm in the middle of doing one now I'm on my 2nd 5g bucket coming out now as I txt and I might do a 3 rd so I can get about 15g changed tonight. But I'm just using a small air line tube and 1 5g bucket.

I don't think its my food since I mix it up brethren blood worms, tubifix worms, and regular brine,& spurilian brine shrimp. Along with micro pellets. These are all freeze dried hikira products. So I'll see how this works.and probably will be buying a sun sun canister filter off of Ebay in the next month our so.
02-21-2012 01:40 PM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

thats the best definitely have a male/ female pair..congrats

02-21-2012 11:33 AM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

Aquarium Gallery - 20120215_180647
Full tank shot

Shot of Congo and rams
Aquarium Gallery - 20120215_180828

Close up of the GBR
Aquarium Gallery - 20120221_102913
02-21-2012 11:22 AM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

Aquarium Gallery - 20120221_103012

so apparently the only link I can copy is the regular URL at the top of the Web page from my phone. So I just ***** some of the links in here
02-21-2012 08:54 AM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

on your rams..with the pics i have seen i think you have 2 males..which is not bad unless you want to breed and throw a female in there..then one of them will have to go or one will go by the way of nature.. rams in nature spawn during the rainy get mine to spawn i did a big water change and took my temp up from 80 to 84..that simulates the season for them to spawn and it worked really good for me..after their first spawn didnt have to do that anymore..they just spawned all the contrary to what others have said..GBR's do not mess with plants..even though they are a type of cichlid..get me a really good closeup of the fish and i can tell you what gender both are.

02-20-2012 12:52 PM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

So just a quick update. The GBR are doing fine. They are eating normal and swimming around fine with the other fish. They kinda like hanging out with my Congo tetras. They both stern to be getting the same coloration so I'm kinda scared they may both be same sex. Although they do tend to stock together and swim separately. The only difference I can can really see is that one kinda is more rounder then the other so I think that one may be my female. As for my plecs I Felice I was successful with getting a male and female there as one of them is already starring to sprout a few bristles around the mouth and the other one hasn't yet but seems Tuto be a Lil lighter in coloration. My congos all seem to have gotten a great orange shimmer going on & there fines are flowering beautifully. I also order an led light which I should have in a couple days. Can't wait to see the dishes color under them. I'm just trying to decide if I should keep using my single bulbT8 light and switch that bulb to one of thosE pink floral bulbs and use the led or just the leds. Its a knock off of the marine land single bright led that I got for $70 shipped. It says its equal to a single fluorescent bulb which is all I'm using and its grow my plants fine. Our I might just buy a 2nd led light later on for this track.
02-15-2012 04:08 PM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

Well after so long check and parameters always being fine I have stopped checking them in a while. Although I don't have the stuff to check the kh so not suite on that. Ever since the ich outbreak I have kept Mt tank at 80 & with all the peat I want worried about the water softness. I got home not to long ago and found that they are out and about exploring the tank some. The one was following my finger around I I think it will eat today when I feed them. Only t thing I'm worried about is the congos already knows when I feed so they are the 1st one jumping up to eat to the point that they splash water out the tank. So I will try and feed them at one corner of the tank and break up a 2 nd cube for the rams at the other end along with sinking some of the pellets for them.
02-15-2012 12:07 PM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

Originally Posted by jrman83 View Post
Forget which species of Ram is so sensitive, but have never heard of them bothering plants. If it were me, I would check my TDS with a meter. High TDS may not be good for their health, but sort of just a theory.
I am wondering how is kH and gh are doing as well.

with peat my systems have remained at 4 dkh and 9 dgh.
02-15-2012 11:20 AM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

Forget which species of Ram is so sensitive, but have never heard of them bothering plants. If it were me, I would check my TDS with a meter. High TDS may not be good for their health, but sort of just a theory.

02-15-2012 10:47 AM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

They seem to be doing ok so far. I checked them out before going to work this morning and found that they where hanging out together in the left side of the tank. Kinda right behind the 2 pieces of drift wood that I have together. From what I saw last night b4 bed they really didn't bother the plants but asst the same time they didn't eat. I feed my Hikari freeze dried blood worms. But they stay at the top of the tank and the rams where staying down low. So today I think I'm gonna try the tubifex supreme since I can get then to sink some. But I also have bribe shrimp and spurilina brine shrimp. All of those are the hikari freeze.dried goods plus I got the hikari tetra bites which are a micro pellet. The store said that they where feeding them pellets at the store so firefly everything hours ok. I'll try and get pics up when I get home today
02-15-2012 10:37 AM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

Hopefully the rams will ignore the plants after awhile.

but I am also interested and thiank for the efforts.

If nothing else you might have to partition the tank but that would be an extreme measure not to mention a more or less complete tank redo.

awaiting your .02.
02-15-2012 01:02 AM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

Rams in a beasl build? They are a more delicate/sensitive fish to water conditions arent they? I'm kind of interested to see how this ends up...
02-15-2012 12:09 AM
Re: Finaly my 75g beasolbob build

Well Lil update. I lost all my anarchisand have been rolling with just the 5 Congo tetras and 2 O'Keeffe for a Lil over a month. I have been using the wonder shells that I asked about and guess it has worked good cause my congos seem to look like they have more color. I also picked up some more fish. Now its tome to really test out this beasolbob build. I bought a pair of German glue rams, a pair of fancy guess, and then a batch off feeder guppies in hope of getting a few female guppies to breeder and have a source of live food for the rams.
I think I have a a male & female pair but not to sure. I will ***** up pics tomorrow once they have settled in. but I have one that the 3rd dorsal fine is longer then the others and the other ram seem to be even all the way across the dorsal.
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