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Blue voisin endler

Blue voisin endler

I keep and breed this strain as well. It's also called blue star and blue français.

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beautiful , iv never seen this one in the south eastern united states .. i have cobra endlers and a black bar endler and liritail and a half liritail (hybrid) and i also have feeder guppy endler mix hybrids with incredible coloration.. i am in love with these little captivating fish , we have many fish in multiple tanks but of them all my fav are the itty bitty boys :) my wife likes platys to her there just little so its my piece of it. also im not the type to mind if they cross bread cause i hand picked each fish i have for its beauty and uniqueness and im interested what may come of them when they do mate and color up 4 me.

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my other endlers & other wildguppies
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