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TDunn523 03-20-2015 09:17 PM

Tank Emergency
had ich cyano and another disease that mis colored my poor mans idol top fin. removed him my blue tang(ich) royal gramma and two clowns. moved them into an empty 14 gal biocube and treated with sentry marble coppersafe. Now question all i have left in my 40 breeder is sand rock snails 5 frags 1 anemone and cleaner shrimp. what should i do to this tank? just let it run? and while I'm waiting for the ich to go away can i add rock and aquascape the tank good? should i add anything I'm treating the cyano now with drops. also trying to find a decent protein skimmer and a phosphate thing(sorry forgot what it was lol. sorry new to saltwater!

coralbandit 03-21-2015 06:50 AM

Re: Tank Emergency
Get a copper test kit!
It is very important when using copper.
Be very careful and pay close attention as you can kill your fish faster with copper then many other meds.
Ich in marine is NOTHING like freshwater.
You need to keep tank free of fish for at least 1 month as marine ich can live without host for over a year in some cases.
Don't raise temp either(not good).
***ICH: HOW TO TREAT: Marine ICH(cryptocaryon irritans) - Reef Central Online Community
post 2 in the link is BEST info on marine ich.
you can add inverts or rock if you choose.
good luck(never heard back about your sump in other thread?)

TDunn523 03-22-2015 06:43 PM

Fish are still eating good sign! Tank is empty of fish. What happens to live rock with coppersafe? I can't get the rock because the gramma stays in it. So I put in the qt tank I added the coppersafe too. I also just bought a phosphate reactor and protein skimmer. Is a ten gal to small for all that? Should I put a second ten or one 20 gal for a sump?

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