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Ningal 08-20-2014 01:34 AM

Hippocampus Erectus Input
I'm gonna be turning my 30 gallon cube into an Erectus tank over the next few months. It's been cycled for over 6 months now and I'm not going to add the horses anytime soon since I have to move soon, but I've not kept seahorses before, though I have kept pretty much everything else, so I'm somewhat familiar with the basics, and I've been doing plenty of research, but I did have a few questions just based on experience anyone else may have had

Right now this cube has a rio 800 at 211 gph and I was wondering if that flow level would work. I was also wanting to use a reef octopus BH100 HOB skimmer, which I think would fairly well prevent any bubbles coming into the tank (I want to be careful to avoid gas bubble disease, but I wanted to see if anyone had any good or bad experiences with it.

Any input at all would be appreciated.

coralbandit 08-20-2014 02:44 PM

Re: Hippocampus Erectus Input
I kept horses with blue striped pipefish in my 29 for a year or so. the pipefish really seemed more intersting and active.I ran a sump with a mag 300 and had two of the smallest hydors in the tank.IMO the 29 was to big for the horses.They were lazy and not really the type to hunt for food.The flow never bothered them,they did have places to hook to out of the current.
Best advice is to only purchase captive BRED horses.Captive raised could still mean a horse taken from the wild,but "trained " to feed on whatever.Mine were all good eating mysis and the bugs in the tank.I purchased only captive bred,they were a little more expensive ,but worth it IMO.

Ningal 08-20-2014 02:58 PM

Re: Hippocampus Erectus Input
Oh yeah, there was never any doubt that I'd go for a captive bred horsey. I have a local supplier who only deals in CB.

One thing is, this tank is completely undrilled so everything is either gonna be in tank or HOB. I was actually thinking of maybe switching to a hydor nano powerhead since the rio seems to make air bubbles every now and again. Maybe 200 GPH?

Honestly, though my bigger concern is the skimmer. I love and swear by the BH100 but I know skimmers can put bubbles into the tank, though I've NEVER seen it do that in my other tank.

Also, how hard was that pipefish to keep? I'd kind of thought about not even trying pipefish since I've always read they are far more difficult.

coralbandit 08-20-2014 03:28 PM

Re: Hippocampus Erectus Input
I think the pipes were a better choice.They were way more active,intersting and lasted longer.I got lucky and actually got a real pair.One was loaded with eggsalmost every month for over a year.When he/she died I couldn't get a replacemnet into the tank.My existing male just hunted down the newcomer like a shark(twice!).He still lived alone for about another year.I also had a pair of mandarins in with them.
I ran a reef octopus HOB skimmer/overflow to my sump as my 29 is not drilled and kept my skimmer and equipment in it.I can't even imagine having any DT(especially a salt) without surface extraction and a sump.My pipe never got drawn into the overflow although he ate bugs off it all the time!

Ningal 08-20-2014 05:59 PM

Re: Hippocampus Erectus Input
What kind of overflow do you use? I can't imagine getting a sump on this thing for a while, but I've got enough macro algae that I think I can keep nitrates under control with a proper skimmer.

I still wanna get a breeding pair of erectus with cirri (like this one: but I do like the idea of a pipefish.

I'd considered the banded and dragonface as well, and they should be capable of eating foods of comparable size, though I'd considered starting a few cultures of rotifers, plankton, pods, and even shrimp so I'm not opposed to feeding any kind of food. Eventually, after I've had more experience with gorgonians, I'd even like to try a blueberry seafan, though that will not happen till next year at the soonest.

coralbandit 08-20-2014 06:30 PM

Re: Hippocampus Erectus Input

Originally Posted by Ningal (Post 528137)
What kind of overflow do you use?

I still wanna get a breeding pair of erectus with cirri (like this one: but I do like the idea of a pipefish.

I'd considered the banded and dragonface as well,

CPR CS50 DX Overflow with Aqua Lifter Pump and Lid 300 GPH | eBay
This would be a good overflow with the tom aqua lifter pump(very important{and cheap}).
The dragon pipe really only crawls around the tank and is basically the largest pipe available.
The banded are more common and ok,but my bluestripe were active enough to earn their keep!
CPR CS90 Continous Overflow Box with Aqualifter Pump | eBayThis is a good deal on a used overflow!
For some reason niether of the overflows I linked are highlighted ,but if you click on them they are actual links!

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