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What would you do?

I'm trying to figure out what the best combination of fish would be in a pair of aquariums.

I have a 30G (long) that's been running for almost 6 months now. Inside are 7 neon tetras, 5 corys, 3 bolivian rams and a dwarf gourami. In December two of the bolivians laid eggs but they did not hatch. Since then, the dwarf gourami has exhibited some breeding behavior (increased aggression/nest building) and I don't think the rams are comfortable anymore. They haven't laid eggs since then.

I just set up a new 20 long that I finally finished building a stand for. I was thinking about moving some of the fish in the 30 into the 20, mostly to separate the DG and the rams to encourage them to get back to breeding. I'm also looking into trying to get a female DG or two.

Should I move the rams into the 20 long (they get alone pretty well) along with the corys and/or the neons? Will they be okay in there? Should I move the DG into the 20 long and maybe add 2-3 more rams to the 30 to try to get a definite pair?

I'm interested in getting some more fish - fish I've had my eyes on include tiger barbs, a BN pleco (or pleco of similar size), guppies, and a few others. Obviously I can't get all of these, but an arrangement of my two tanks that would allow me to add a couple of these (especially the barbs!) would be ideal.

It would be great to see if you all have any ideas for a way in which I could more successfully populate my tanks! Note that adding another tank is absolutely out of the question, as I also have a 14 and a 55 (and a 10 quarantine) running.
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Re: What would you do?

Well.. Neons die within a year or so any way... So just wait a few more months lawl.

I would just put tigers in the 20g. Alone. Hopefully that ties you over for the next months while you await your tetras to die of old age. lol.

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Re: What would you do?

Female DG is a tuff one to come by sometimes. Most pet stores only get them occasionally as they are very drab in color and sheepish usually. Not always but it seems there really just used to breed. I have a male powder blue and a reg DG and got a female for them I saw her at a small town shop that most likely bought it from a customer iv since then looked weekly for more . I think you have a good idea to separate the rams and gouramis. Good luck with finding a female maybe someone on here breeds them and could help ya out with one.

Addicted !!!
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Re: What would you do?

Doesn't look like I need to worry about getting a female any time soon. Thor, my DG, appears to have come down with DG disease. He has not been eating, appears bloated, and has been merely swimming near the surface, going up occasionally for a breath. I haven't seen him do anything else in two days.

Guess I will be able to keep the rams in the 30.. maybe get a few more and try to get them to pair off again.
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Fish DO Scream
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Re: What would you do?

Don't replace the gourami. I had 3 of mine die from unknown causes similar to what you're experiencing.
Neons are pretty boring too.
Ottos would be nice, loaches are stunning but finding smaller ones for a 30g may be a challenge.
More cory on the other hand makes for a nice spectacle.
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Re: What would you do?

Thor passed away overnight. I was well aware of the risks of DG disease but I wanted one anyway. Thought I got lucky since we've had him for over three months and he was very active. Fortunately 3 of the corys are out being cute this morning to help distract me. The rams have been somewhat pale for the past few days - I will check water parameters today. I will probably worry about adding more corys first and then see what I can do from there.
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Re: What would you do?

Just a word of warning about tiger barbs, mine beat up my apistos so I moved them with the kribs same thing, they are now in with my mbuna until I get there own tank set up. Everything I read said they should be fine as long as you have a bigger group, bought 12 still had problems so keep an eye on them.
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