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AshRD 02-23-2019 02:08 PM

Water Chemisty Help
Hello Everyone,

I have been trying to set up a 29 gallon heavily planted tank, but I have a decision that I have to make and I need any guidance you all can give: Water Sourcing. My two options for water sourcing are my softened tap water (Potassium Chloride) and my hose. I need to make a decision on the best water for the plants and my plan of some shrimp, guppies, tetra and Gourami.

  • dKH = 7.5 ish
  • GH = 17.9
  • pH = 7.8
  • Pre-Heat-able to 78 degrees F

  • dKH = 8ish
  • GH = 196.9
  • pH = 8
  • Unheatable other than leaving a 5 gallon bucket inside for an hour or so and doing water changes 1 bucket per hour.

The softened water is easiest, but I also don't want to set myself up for some rough times. With a dKH in the 8 range, but very soft General hardness, does anyone have experience with what might work better?


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