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PosingOwl 05-30-2018 05:03 PM

Long time missing from forum...
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Hey everyone.... Havent had fish in almost 6 years or so. How is everyone doing?

Just recently purchased a Top Fin 55 gallon kit for $90 new. Not a bad deal. Anyways, I went ahead and built my own stand. I am having a problem though.

Its either the frame or the 1/2" plywood I used it crooked. See below. How can I fix this. Tank is already filled for about 2 days now and I just saw this.

Some people saw it will be fine, some say to put styrofoam under it. I can fit my cc under it if I push hard enough. Any suggestions.

Also, in the booklet it says not to put polystyrene under the tank.

Jbri4201 06-02-2018 05:17 PM

Me personally I would go to your hardware store and get some wood shims and shim at the bottom of the stand to three floor at location there are gaps. I can't see how the stand was made structurally but if its wood or byproduct type it should flush up against the bottom after some good taps with a hammer. It won't flush up at first. You'll have to give the wood time to adjust to the shims and the weight and the temp of the room. Thats about the only I can think of if its really bothering you. I just built a stand and had an issue kinda the same.

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