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Colorado Aquarium Society - CAS

In October 2007, the Colorado Aquarium Society celebrated it's diamond (60th) anniversary as an organization. Very few fish clubs survive this long! This forum is for all members of the Society to discuss topics of their choice.
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Florida Fancy Guppy Association - FFGA

We are the Florida Fancy Guppy Association. Our main interests are breeding and showing the fancy guppy (poecilia reticulatae) according to IFGA standards. We are looking for anyone in the State of Florida (or anywhere else) to join us in our efforts in helping each other as hobbyists grow as well as our club.
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Florida Marine Aquarium Society - FMAS

The Florida Marine Aquarium Society’s mission is to bring together the expertise and experience of its members, with a purpose to share this information with others. By providing this wealth of information to all, the society strives to protect the quality of life for marine organisms maintained in aquaria. Creating an awareness of natural marine ecosystems in order to protect and share them with future generations.
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Gold Coast Aquarium Society of South Florida- GCAS

This forum is for all members and prospective members of the Society to stay in touch. The GCAS is a casual club of freshwater hobbyists of all experience levels who meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 7:30 to 9:30 PM. The meetings start with time to mingle, then a quick review of club business, usually followed by a presentation given by a club member or invited speaker, and finally an auction of fish, plants, and products. Usually we have coffee and cookies for refreshments.
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International Guppy Education, Exhibition Society

Organization dedicated to promote the Guppy hobby through education, exhibitions & shows. We provide an online forum for the discussion of related topics, educational articles, gallery of photos, links to resources and more. We have local group meetings in the US, Asia, European, South America and the Caribbean.
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Marine Aquarium Society of Colorado (MASC)

AKA The Colorado Rocky Mountain Reef Club, we're dedicated to the endorsement, education, and fellowship of Marine Aquarium hobbyists. Furthering knowledge, promoting the hobby, and encouraging livestock trading among any interested Colorado reef keepers.
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New Jersey North East Guppy Club

This is an affiliated IGEES Guppy club that meets once a month in Central New Jersey. It invites all Guppy and aquarium enthusiasts to join us for a relax afternoon with plenty of Guppy and aquarium talk, free food, Guppies and goodies.
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Orlando Reef Caretakers Association - ORCA

Orlando Reef Caretakers Association is a relatively large saltwater aquarium club located in central Florida.
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South East Queensland Aquarium Society

Otherwise known as the AandTSociety, this subforum is for the Aquarium and Terrarium society of Queensland Australia. We hope to expand the interests of fellow Societies as to what the hobby can entail within a group, rather than just meetings at a clubhouse or homes. Read the threads for an opportunity to see a bit of what a group like ours has as a special interest above just the standard aquarium club activities that most carry out. The society was formed in 1926, and if you would like to be a member, you're more than welcome to join.
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Springfield Decatur Illinois Reef Builders - SDIRB

A Springfield, Decatur Illinois reef club that is local to the Illinois area. This forum is for all new and future members of Springfield Decatur Illinois Reef Builders (SDIRB) to discuss whatever you like.
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Tampa Reef Club - TRC

A forum for Tampa Bay Florida members to discuss their aquariums and plan meetings, etc.
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Treasure Coast Reef Club (Florida) - TCRC

This forum is for the Treasure Coast Reef Club members and prospective members to discuss their tanks, new acquisitions, dry goods for sale or trade, reef club meetings, frag swaps, and anything and everything else between those lines. We meed in the Treasure Coast area of Florida once per month.
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Worcester Aquarium Society - WAS

The WAS is a group of hobbyists whose interest in keeping fish has brought us together so that we may learn from each other as well as the programs that the WAS provides.
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