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Re: where can i get a freshwater sponge?

Those Creepy Crawlers Can Be Fun, by Ken Goldsmith

There are a few species of freshwater sponge, all are suitable for the aquarium. They are mostly green or brown, and they are found encrusted on a rock or twig in flowing water. Some reaching the size of a golf ball or larger. If you found a rock which had a sponge attached, you would have an interesting and beneficial tank-mate since sponges are 'filter-feeders.' This means that they filter particulate matter out of the water. Therefore, by filtering out some of the solids they would, to some extent, help to keep the aquarium clean.

I have never seen sponges for sale in freshwater, probably mostly because they all look like a small piece of mud or dirt.

A power plant intake is a great place to find sponges and other unusual small creatures and not because of radioactivity but due to the micro climate created by the power plant, coal fired power plants do this also, even the intake for your city water supply probably has problems due to sponges, bryozoans, clams and other sessile invertebrates. .

I suggest google as a means to find a source of commercial sponges but if you look closely they are in almost every body of water in North America or any other continent for that matter.
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