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New tank at the work office

Got permission to put up a tank at work, and since I am not allowed to set one up until mid-October due to a promise, I made Minion do it, much to his dismay. Anyway, one of my other co-workers was going fishing at lunch, so I went with him: he fished (not even a nibble), I caught (using a bucket and a minnow trap). 4 Large Mouth Bass (only 2 in the 10 gallon tank, and will get moved home into the 75 once they get a little bigger), a Crawdad, and a bunch of food-sized minnows later, I have a stocked tank!!!

And since we all love pictures:

Full pic, with the minnows schooling in the top of the front right corner:

The photo friendly bass:

The bass again, but with the crawdad on the far left:
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