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So I had abanded this project for a while. Then I moved and have it set up and running again. I have lots more research done and plenty more experience with SW. So I have decided to go with a sexy shrimp tank with a coral or two. I have a pretty over done set up too! I'll try and gets pics up. But I have the back pretty packed with equipment that should help with the low water volume. I have one original filter pad as my first line of defense. Then in the first chamber I have my small heater. And an intake for a small canister meant for turtle tanks. It hold my carbon and some purigen plus a sponge. In the second chamber I have another small sponge and the return for the canister. Third chamber holds a biocube skimmer and the return pump. And I'm still using the stock LED light.

Inside the tank I have about 5 lbs of live rock. And 6-7 lbs of aragonite sand. The rocks came out of my main tank so they will help speed up my cycle. One rock has a whole bunch of small feather duster worms which looks really neat. And I threw in 3 blue leg hermits.

I'm on day two of the tank running everyone is happy. I'm going to test my water shortly.
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