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Re: To change or not to change

Originally Posted by Reefing Madness View Post
Thats just irresponsible!!
I don't care what kind of tank your running.
Now those fantastic pictures of your Nitrate, Hair Algae factory tank come into play.
Your Tusk died from an irresponsible fish keeper, PERIOD!
It is always a potential danger to explore something new but I am still young enough to explore new stuff. Yes, there are tonnes of data to support what kind of action you can or can't do but comes to specifics, the person need to test and acquire data. My records of more than 10 years blueface and almost 9 years cleaner wrasse life span would not be consistent with the action of an irresponsible keeper. How many get to keep a large marine angel for more than a decade?
As a matter of fact currently I am formualting a chemistry to greatly enhance survivability of Moorish Idol and Hippo Tang and the project is going really well. The product is going to help all fish geeks to reduce fish keeping risks. This is a special knowledge and knowledge is power, which is driven by data and only unbiased data we can trust.
California had experienced a 500 year drought this year. Water conservation is the incentive and responsibility of every Califonians. Reduce fish tank water changes certainly would help.
Yes, you are correct. There are other ways to reduce nitrate. Dosing is convenient one but titrating the end point is uncertain at best because this rely on a bioreduction process, which is a function of filter surface to volume ratio and the bacteria loading, which my current fish only tank is not layout for and each tank is different. My next tank will get into this.

Success is measured by years, not by months.
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