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Re: German Blue questions

German blue rams can be difficult to keep and should be kept in water as close to their source water as possible. Problem is most of us never know what their source water was. We buy them in pet shops that are either the stop between us and their source or the second or third stop. They are already sick when we get them home and their is no reversing the damage if you do not start immediately. Quarantine and treatment is the first step to a better experience. Start at a neutral Ph and adjust up or down by fishes health. Increase acidity slowly if fish are lethargic, and decrease if they are hyperactive. Once they begin to behave normally keep them at that Ph until they have been quarantined for thirty days. Do not place in community tank until they are feeding properly and completely healthy. Even if healthy I would not tank them with gouramis. Gouramis are Asian fish with different water types than South Americans. Most gouramis are also aggressive to some extent, and especially aggressive toward specimens with metallic colorations. If you see aggressions separate them immediately, some small fish will tolerate abuse for a while if healthy but when they turn on the afterburner the aggressor will suffer, possibly to death.

start at a neutral ph
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